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The Sanfilippo Foundation

The Foundation, its purpose and organization ukrainian business visas online tourist visa to Ukraine.

In August 2008, we were informed that our little Charlotte, 4 years old, was affected by a rare, incurable and devastating disease, the Sanfilippo Syndrome. We soon discovered that she was far from being the only child afflicted with this genetic disease.

Genetic diseases are due to one or more anomalies on one or more chromosomes which are transmitted to descendants and cause a dysfunction of certain specific cells of the body. Biological cells produce proteins, the structures of which are determined by the genetic code. An affected gene causes a dysfunction of the cell which can have for consequence a disease at any moment in life. Contrary to common belief, such health problems are not necessarily congenital, but can result from a gene mutation. The Foundation created this Internet website to give to the families the possibility to meet and to inform them on the research tasks in progress. The statutes make provision for the collected funds to be exclusively used for the realization of the purpose of the Foundation and, in case of liquidation, for the total capital of the Foundation to be refunded to one or more foundations with similar purposes. Детальное описание Beauty 360 на сайте.

None of the founders has any right to payment, nor to any particular advantage. Foundation expenses have to be strictly relevant with the realization of the Foundation's purpose. The Foundation will communicate to any person who is interested its financial statements and the list of programs in which it is involved.