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The Sanfilippo Foundation Allocation of funds

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The purpose of the Foundation is to help and develop ongoing research programs. All funding that the Foundation receives will be affected to promising new research programs, as well as the development and follow-up of ongoing research projects.

The foundation can contact all people, all Swiss of foreign foundations, all organizations, companies or institutions in order to enable him to achieve its goal. It will also have the possibility of naming godfathers.

A request has been filed with the Swiss authorities for the Foundation to be acknowledged as being of public usefulness and exempted from all tax (this is a specific statute which can be given to associations that are considered as contributing towards the general good) If this is accepted not only will the Foundation be exempted, but its donators will be able do deduce donations from their own tax. (in Switzerland, at least : this may not be applicable for donations from other countries)

In any case, due to the nature of its goals, the Foundation will be subject to the supervision of the Federal Department of Home Affairs.

The Loterie Romande financed the Internet website The foundation is financed by private donations, companies donations and by caritative foundations.