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The Sanfilippo Foundation Members

The Foundation consists of a Foundation Board and a Scientific Committee. The Foundation Board is competent for the management and administration of the Foundation and ensures that all assets and resources are entirely affected to the realization of its purpose. It has all competences that are not expressly delegated to another organ by the statutes or by the Foundation rules.

The Foundation Board is composed of this members:

  • Me Stéphanie La roche, Esq

  • Me Emmanuel Leibenson, Esq





  • Stéphanie Morel et Frédéric Morel

  • Madam Corinne Féry-von Arx
    director of the Sanfilippo Foundation

The number of members to sit on the Foundation Board is not limited and any person who can help the Foundation achieve its purposes can be nominated on its Board. The Scientific Committee: Its task is to examine ongoing projects and to suggest to the Foundation Board the amount which it deems necessary to allocate for their achievement.

The initial Scientific Committee of the Foundation (SAB) is constituted of 3 members:

  • Dre Danielle Bertola Reymond
    People in charge of the health information on the Sanfilippo Foundation Switzerland website


  • Dr. Armand Bottani
    Dr. Armand Bottani is an Assistant Doctor and FMH Specialist (Foederatio Medicorum Helveticorum : Federation of Swiss Doctors) in Medical Genetics at the Genetic Medicine Department of the Geneva University Medical Center.
  • Dr. Nicolas Lantz
    Dr Nicolas Lantz is a pharmacologist with solid experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields. He has joined the Foundation in early 2012.


Moore Stephens Refidar SA, Genève.